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Nazare Soares: I am Half Sick of Shadows

Nazare Soares: I am Half Sick of Shadows

A Cinematic Ceremony about Love, Death and Revolution, a new work by Nazare Soares. The audiovisual work fine-tunes perceptions of Earth and humankind’s disjointed and entangled processes; Nazare Soares in collaboration with Ada Hoel have created the audio-visual composition by translating traces found on used shooting targets. This premiere screening encompasses surround sound live scores composed by sound artist Ada Hoel in collaboration with Andreas Elvenes and will be performed live by Michael Francis Duch, Andreas Elvenes, Ada Hoel, Linnea Jansson and Nazare Soares. The event is composed in four acts; silver, golden, bronze and Iron. 

Textile artist Maria Eva Russo contributes to the ceremony, working closely with Nazare Soares to apply a developed concept of Interior Cinema. This experience involves embodied cognition in the realm of the arts. Interior Cinema is designed as a type of shelter; a speculative device, a womb-like-cave machine from where to go back to the feminine energy of origins. Full body and senses experience immersion through cinematic processes of integration and navigation.

Cinemateket Trondheim
Olavshallen, Kjøpmannsgata 48

29. oktober kl 20

Billettpris: 200/170
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I am Half Sick of Shadows
Den delvis Trondheimsbaserte kunstneren Nazare Soares presenterer to helt nye audiovisuelle verk Love Speaks og Softly på Cinemateket, med liveframføring av musikk og lyddesign. Utøvere er Linnea Jansson, Ada Hoel, Andreas Elvenes og Michael F. Duch.